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  • 2020-09-04
    Understanding When and Why Repairs are Necessary (II)
    In critical times in need of concrete repair, Optimix can provide you convenient and effective solutions for various structural environment. See how with our illustrated demo:   Our Repair Mortar series RM725 and RM740 Repair Mortar fully comply with HKHA Class 25 & Class 40 repair mortar systems, and RM780 Repair Mortar (Rapid Setting) is specially formulated for emergency reinstatement of damaged or deteriorated concrete that can be used internally and externally. The fast setting and high strength abilities are best suitable for airport runways, railroads, aprons, and heavy traffic locations where downtime is critical. It is designed to use for horizontal applications and for vertical applications with the use of formwork. In general, OPTIMIX RM780 can normally be applied up to 50mm or up to 250mm with addition of graded aggregate. RM780 Rapid-Setting Concrete Repair System   Our RM700, RM725 and RM780 models are suitable for Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) & Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) projects, which are crucial technologies to the modern world where time is critical and efficiency is highly demanded. RM725 Concrete Repair System    RM700 Window Repair System
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  • 2020-08-19
    Understanding When and Why Repairs are Necessary (I)
    Concrete structures play a key role in our cityscape, making our cities’ resplendent skylines well-lived in global citizens’ vivid memory. Living in a concrete jungle with buildings surrounding us everywhere, it is naturally easy to forget that just like any architecture façade, the inner concrete layer also needs regular maintenance as different sources from daily life could strike an impact on the concrete.   Concrete deterioration could take place when there is, for example, chemical corrosion, structural damage, permeation of water, shrinkage and an array of many other reasons.   What makes concrete deteriorate? - Corrosion of embedded metals (i.e. chloride ions, carbonation, dissimilar metal corrosion) - Freeze-thaw deterioration (i.e. deicer scaling, aggregate expansion) - Chemical attack (i.e. acids, salts and alkalis, sulfate attack) - Alkali-aggregate reactivity (i.e. alkali-silica reactivity, alkali-carbonate reactivity) - Abrasion / Erosion (i.e. traffic surfaces, hydraulic structures) - Fire / Heat - Restraint to volume changes (i.e. plastic shrinkage cracking, drying shrinkage cracking, thermal cracking) - Underlying factors (i.e. Design flaw, construction defect, improper maintenance)   Why do we need concrete repair?   - Replace defective concrete - Restore structural intactness - Restore aesthetic appearance - Restore physical appearance - Restore concrete durability Worry not, Optimix is here to help. We offer a full range of repair mortar products for concrete repair and protection.  Our products have been used on various residential, transport infrastructure and public repairing projects in Hong Kong and China.  In next issue, we will have an illustrated guide to show you how our repair system could fix various site situations, stay tuned!   Projects with RM Series Used:   Wynn Hotel, Macau    Sha Tin Water Treatment Facilities, Hong Kong   Alexandra House, Hong Kong
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  • 2020-08-05
    To Grout or Not To Grout, that is the Question
    When people choose tiling systems for their new or refurbished space, they often pay most attention to tiles of different patterns, textures and natures, as tiles are visually very critical to the overall aesthetic design of the designated areas. Nevertheless, the joints supporting the tiles installed are not to be neglected as they could influence the service life of your tiles, as well as reduce the risk of detachment, and this article aims to give you some insights on the importance of grouting of tiles.      To speak from a technical perspective, tiles’ installing issues are commonly found to bother the majority of end-users. There are numerous uncontrollable or other factors such as weather, ambience, quality of files and workmanship that could adversely affect tile installation, causing detachment, debonding or cracking of tiles or uneven finish, the quality of living in such space will undoubtedly be lowered and the cost to give the wall or floor a makeover will be another price to pay. Thankfully, a well carried out grouting of joints can help alleviating these problems and reduce the chances of all these risks, eventually extending the service life of various kinds of tiles, whether it is your precious or favorite.   First off, we need to understand how joints work. What joints can do is to keep the tiled surface condition and appearance consistent, meaning the form of the tile system will be more flexible and therefore when it experiences some heavy and light loading or impact, or climate changes causing the system to shrink or expand, joints would be there to cushion the dimensional stresses formed in such situations, extending the service life of tiles.     You could imagine an area of tiles with no joints at all as a single large tile with extremely rigid surface, potentially more prone to break or come off from the substrate than a well-tiled surface with appropriate joints, because of the dimensional instability in the substrate from hygrometric shrinkage or thermal expansion/contraction.   Joints are essential to protect the completeness and working life of tiles by supporting them from being affected by the above factors and reducing the risks of failure a bonding tile may face.   With a wide range of color and texture selections, OPTIMIX TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance) can also enhance the visual aesthetics and to match with most common joint widths, depths and architectural preferences. OPTIMIX TG410E is a decorative high-quality polymer modified cementitious mortar for tile grouting and joint filling. The product is strong, hard wearing and waterproof complying with European Standard – EN 13888 CG2 WA. OPTIMIX TG410E is easy to mix and apply with a good pot life and open time yet quick to dry and easy to clean. This allows for consistent finishing with speedy application and finishing over large areas with minimal to zero mould growth.   This product is also available as an ‘S’ grade with enhanced efflorescence resistance, eliminating the white powdered film formed on architectures that jeopardizes the overall appearance of building.   Supplied in 25kg per bag for site work or 2kg per bag for domestic use or touch-ups, each bag is Optimix’s promise of quality and performance to our customers.
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  • 2020-07-29
    Project Overview: OPTIMIX Plastering and Tiling System for MAYFAIR BY THE SEA 8
    To be scheduled to finish constructing in June 2021, Mayfair By The Sea 8 is situated in Pak Shek Kok, Tai Po. Neighboring on Tolo Highway, the premium estate enjoys the refreshing mountain scenery, which is an exquisite creation by Sino Group in recent years.   Comprised of three seventeen-storey towers, one of them being divided into three blocks, the five blocks in the project provide 528 flats. A five-minute walk will take you to the community and shops in Science Park. The first lot of apartments comes with mostly two to three bedrooms, which is ideal for family residence. As a cozy home to juniors and seniors, the building material inside the flat adopted the choice of confidence and widely acclaimed – OPTIMIX products, fulfilling the high end market standards. Products include:   OPTIMIX BP126 Base Plaster OPTIMIX TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) OPTIMIX TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance) Plastering and tiling dry mortar are both versatile and commonplace residential building material, simply mix with water and they are ready to use. Easy operation and efficiency can be boosted, it also saves the time from traditional on-site mixing of cement and sand, being noticeably cost effective. Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) is a high performance tile adhesive that meets the requirements of EN12004 Class C2TE and anti-vertical slip, which is an ideal solution for installing large-format tiles that are often used in new-builds. Optimix has supplied products to splendid quality homes in the city over the years, building the dream home we are after. To learn more, don't hesitate to contact us today!  
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  • 2020-07-13
    Summer Picks: Stay Dry During Rainy Season
    In this rainy season, it feels best to stay indoor warm and cozy without worrying leakage in the house or on the roof. Why not consider our #waterproofing series, an inclusive range of dry mortar that can be easily transformed into your home protector against the rain-battered weather. We got you covered interior and exterior, just mix the dry powder with water and it does the job by sealing the surface that the waterproofing membrane will protect the structure from unwanted water permeation. The environmental-friendly nature of our products also allows us to join hands in protecting our precious planet! Feel free to contact our technical representatives for details.  Meantime, you can also check out our Waterproofing Series for more details: https://www.optimix.com.hk/product_cate/3/Waterproofing
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