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  • 2012-11-02
    "Green Building Actions” Forum at Chongqing University
    On 2nd November 2012, the Urban Construction & Environmental Engineering Faculty of Chongqing University organized the "Green Building Actions" Forum in conjunction with the presentation of the 2012 Scholarship Award Ceremony. The chairperson of the Forum was Mr. Dong Meng Neng, Chief of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Urban-Rural Development, Energy Saving Department. Optimix’s Technical Director, Ir Raymond Wan, who is a BEAM Professional (Building Environmental Assessment Method) was invited to make a presentation based on his technical knowledge and extensive materials experience in Hong Kong, on green aspects. The title of his speech was “Hong Kong Green Buildings and Green Building Materials Practice”, which was well received by the audience including government officials, university lecturers and students due to the significant difference in ideas, approach and actual practice on handling green construction in Hong Kong, compared with Mainland China.
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  • 2012-08-01
    Project Update: Waterproofing and Tiling Solution at 39 Conduit Road (天匯)
    At 39 Conduit Road, Hong Kong, a long lasting high performance solution was required for tiling the beautiful artwork patterned wall, made up of small size marble mosaics. The existing concrete retaining wall substrate exhibited serious signs of water seepage and the location was exposed to a relatively humid environment. To ensure proper bonding of the marble mosaics to the wall, as well as ensuring the finished surface will remain free from efflorescence, the Project Manager looked for a high performance and durable tiling solution to achieve the required finished quality for this prestigious residential project. Optimix provided a workable and high performance solution to address the existing site conditions and the desired quality requirements. The project used Optimix materials to resist the backing seepage water and to control the possible moisture movement in the rendering and tiling layers; together with an Optimix render layer, with a target bonding strength of over 1.0MPa; and an Optimix tile adhesive system to provide extra adhesion and flexibility to accommodate any possible movement, as well as anti-efflorescence properties. This Optimix system is one of the best solutions available in the market to provide guaranteed and long-lasting performance of over 1.0 MPa in each layer within the system. Products used:   OPTIMIX WP515 Waterproofing Slurry OPTIMIX WP533 Semi-Flexible Waterproofing Slurry OPTIMIX BP168 Premium Base Plaster OPTIMIX TA338S High Performance Tile Adhesive (C2TES2) and OPTIMIX TG410ES Tile Grout
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  • 2011-08-11
    12th Beijing beautify Home Show and First Beijing Building Decoration Design Biennale
    China International Economic and Technical Cooperation consulting firm, co-sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Building Decoration Association, Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Qing Shang, China Building Decoration Association, Tsinghua University, the Singapore Building and Construction Authority, Pennsylvania Department of Commerce and a number of other enterprises, organized the 12th Beijing Beautify Homes Show and the First Beijing Building Decoration Design Biennial on August 5, 2011, held at the grand Beijing China International Exhibition Center. The "Beautification Home Show" and "The First Beijing Building Decoration Design Biennial" is the debut of these two exhibitions on the same stage and enhanced the professionalism of the exhibition, bringing new direction for both the residential and architectural fields. This First Beijing Biennale exhibited architectural design to Beijing and the National Building Decoration industry bringing new opportunities. The exhibition brought together nearly all of Beijing’s furniture "double A" qualification (a construction, Class design) enterprises and professional design agencies, as well as the backbone of the designers of these institutions. The show was well thought out and significant, including many famous architectural design agencies, designed to demonstrate achievements and notable works. At the exhibition, OPTIMIX had the opportunity to become a support company and exhibitor of a comprehensive selection of its materials. As OPTIMIX’s products are high quality, with a strong reputation, especially within the decorative design area, they caught the designers’ attention, including Chikuho, architectural homes, CITIC decorative, and more than a dozen decoration companies, with whom OPTIMIX had established good communication. OPTIMIX’s products were not only praised by the famous local design companies, but also attracted the attention of foreign companies, including the Singapore Building and Construction Authority and the Pennsylvania Department of Commerce. OPTIMIX’s participation in the exhibition enhanced its reputation, with several media outlets showing interest in its products. OPTIMIX’s participation in this exhibition, not only increased its interaction with the domestic well known enterprises, but also enhanced its visibility in the architectural field, moving OPTIMIX towards a new era of development.
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  • 2011-07-07
    Seminor in Beijing: Combining Art and Technology
    OPTIMIX was invited to jointly organize a technical seminar with the Architectural Design Institute of China Construction Decoration Engineering Co., hosted by CSCEC and Beijing Construction Decoration Association. The topic was "Combining Art and Technology". It was a successful seminar with over 100 China architects participating. OPTIMIX was invited to share the latest dry mortar and green construction material technologies to the new generation of Chinese architects.
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  • 2011-06-15
    OPTIMIX Tile Adhesive receives Product Certificate (PCCS-TA)
    OPTIMIX TA313 Semi-Flexible Tile Adhesive has been certified under the Product Conformity Certificate Scheme - Tile Adhesive (PCCS-TA). This Scheme is the only acceptable requirement of tile adhesive to be used in HONG KONG HOUSING AUTHORITY (HKHA) construction projects.
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