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  • 2021-10-01
    The Substance: Unveiling the success factors of Optimix
    Optimix published the commemorative brochure “The Substance” today. It takes readers on a journey to discover every success factors of OPTIMIX as well as the origin of our dry mortars.   Designed and directed by Toby Ng Design, one of the hottest agencies in Hong Kong, the print showcases every detail of the products, development and visions of Optimix. From the square tile molded by our self-levelling screed and skimcoat on the cover, to the fiberglass mesh on the book spine, this exquisite publication allows the readers to touch and feel our signature materials in a tangible way.   If you are interested in exploring The Substance of OPTIMIX, please contact our representatives for details.   Image: Toby Ng Design (www.toby-ng.com), IG@tobyngdesign
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  • 2021-09-08
    OPTIMIX is Honoured with BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards in Recognition of its Environmental Measures Achievement
    OPTIMIX's manufacturing plant has reached new heights of excellence in environmental protection practices, awarded the EcoPartner and 3 Years+ EcoPioneer in BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2020 organized by The Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI).   OPTIMIX has been implementing constant enhancements in plant facilities, emission control, as well as occupational health of our employees. This achievement reflects the milestone of OPTIMIX's eco-friendliness and an immense encouragement and motivation to our team.   BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards aim to promote environmental practices among manufacturing and services enterprises in Hong Kong and the Pan Pearl River Delta region through rewarding the participating enterprises of their achievements in the reduction of pollutant emission. In building material industry, the production line usually causes a certain level of dust, putting the workers' safety and health at risk and contaminating the environment in the production plant. Therefore, OPTIMIX has set up dust-collecting equipment, dust removal pipes and exhaust ducts for our production line, aiming to create a safe and clean working environment to our workers.   More than just the sales of eco-friendly mortar, OPTIMIX devotes significant resources to safeguarding the health of our staff, providing a well-managed working environment, and producing products with rigid monitoring and optimal quality.  
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  • 2021-09-01
    OPTIMIX TA328 Certified Platinum in CIC Green Product Certification
    For over 20 years, OPTIMIX has always been following market demands and trends closely. Bearing the focus of going green and the concept of sustainability, we developed eco-friendly, durable, safe and reliable building material solutions with innovative technologies.   OPTIMIX TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) has successfully attained the highest Platinum recognition in CIC Green Product Certification, as an acknowledgement of OPTIMIX’s devotion to the environment. OPTIMIX will continue to fulfill our green and sustainability mission on more architectural projects.   CIC Green Product Certification currently covers 28 categories of products, assessing the environmental impact of different building materials in the full service life of the building. The grades are rated as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green to represent their eco-friendly efficacies.     Using certified green products are awarded extra points in BEAM Plus assessment, the leading initiative to offer independent assessments of building sustainability in Hong Kong, this aims to lower the influence to the environment and improves environment quality, making the project more cost-effective and sustainable.   OPTIMIX TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) is a premium quality polymer modified cementitious adhesive, available in grey or white, for interior and exterior applications with a high strength. This product also complies with EN12004 Class C2TE-S1.     Other than CIC Green Product Certification, OPTIMIX TA328 is also accredited with PCCS-TA by HKCI and Hong Kong Green Label by Green Council, it is truly a cementitious adhesive that excels in performance, quality and eco-friendliness.
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  • 2021-08-25
    Project Overview: A New Look of the Revitalized Central Market
    Once the background of the works shot by the renowned photographer Fan Ho, the Central Market of Hong Kong has witnessed the stream of Hong Kong history and changes since the 1850s. With the unique, unmistakable Bauhaus window walls and "Streamline Moderne" architectural style, the building grew with us and became a precious collective memory of people in Hong Kong.   Walking the footsteps of a new era, the Grade 3 historic building was due to be revitalized, in order to save the landmark in same original site, and so that our new generations will be able to learn the past of this precious urban space and utilize it wisely. Renovation works began in 2017, the long-awaited makeover is recently complete, transforming the site into a "Playground for All" – providing retail, F&B, plus an enormous open space for our community. This will be no doubt a relaxing leisure spot amidst the hectic city for all ages.   The OPTIMIX SF828 Self-Levelling Screed (Overlayment) supplied to this project cover most of the hall area, walkway and even staircases. It is truly the new favorite for large venues and stadiums, it encapsulates the strengths of being smooth & even, tough & durable, short application time, non-toxic & hazard-free. The aesthetics are subtle yet captivatingly stylish, the monolithic floor remains quiet among vehicles and footfall, leaving a natural, harmonious, comfortable and anti-slip experience for the visitors.   OPTIMIX Self-Levelling series is fully ready for your selection from top to bottom layers, according to your required usage, colors, and level of strength etc. Feel free to contact our team for product selections:   SF818 Self-Levelling (Underlayment) SF828 Self-Levelling Screed (Overlayment) SF838 Self-Levelling Screed (Colour) SF868 Self-Levelling Screed (Exterior) SF878 Self-Levelling Screed (Heavy Duty)
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  • 2021-08-17
    Project Overview: WM Hotel in the "Back Garden of Hong Kong"
    With the arising trend of "Staycation" in the past two years, no matter locals or travel bloggers have started to shift their interest to local hotels, for a quick weekend getaway or celebration of special occasions. It is a good chance for our hectic city lives to take a break and recharge, a cozy, comfortable and safely built hotel will surely perfect your memorable stay in Sai Kung, the back garden of Hong Kong.   The newly opened WM Hotel is a star attraction and coastal resort with 260 rooms. The panoramic seaview delivers a clean, neat vibe for leisure, akin to the finest resort in Thailand. A peaceful standout from the busy and stressful metropolis, it echoes exactly the purpose of "Staycation".   OPTIMIX products are a perfect fit in the process of building either a minimalist or a maximalist hotel, from in to out. We supplied WM Hotel with our skimcoat and tiling system, including:   OPTIMIX SC216 Skimcoat (Fine) OPTIMIX TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible) OPTIMIX TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) OPTIMIX TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance)   The versatile range of our products caters to different stages of applications, facilitating a strong substrate base and the subsequent layers such as a silky smooth finishing or artistic mosaic walls. OPTIMIX products and our aftersales care aim to bring a safe and appealing guesthouse, pleasing to your eyes and heart.
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