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  • 2021-07-16
    Project Overview: MTRC Tuen Ma Line
    The Tuen Ma Line of Hong Kong MTR network has officially commenced service last month, providing a new and convenient travel option for New Territories East, West and Kowloon East residents, connecting the city of Hong Kong and cohering the everyday lives of our citizens.   The Tuen Ma Line - running approximately 56 km and serving 27 stations, is the longest railway line in Hong Kong connecting Tuen Mun to Wu Kai Sha. Extending and connecting services of all directions, this big milestone brings social and economic benefits. From now on, the congestions in the surrounding stations and road are expected to be alleviated in the nearby area.   In this headlining infrastructure project, OPTIMIX contributed our bestselling products inside out in the new-build or renovated stations involved, from grouts fixing equipment bases to adhesive and tile grouts fixing the tiles in stations:   Grouting – NS612 Non-Shrink Grout Plastering – BP126 Base Plaster Skimcoat – SC216 Skimcoat (Fine), SC228 Skimcoat Tiling – TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible), TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance) Repairing – RM740 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 40) Emulsion – Procrete   The above are all OPTIMIX's high quality, versatile, industry-recognized dry mortar products, applied in government and infrastructure projects that have rigorous standards for quality to ensure being a steady part in our daily lives. In the housing and transportation aspects of our basic necessities, OPTIMIX is undoubtedly premium, reliable, your trusted partner.
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  • 2021-07-09
    OPTIMIX Manual for Concrete Repair & Maintenance Available Now
    OPTIMIX is pleased to present you our latest manual – Concrete Repair & Maintenance, for our clients to explore our product ranges that are suitable for different applications and maintenances such as repairs, tiling and waterproofing. This manual includes not only product information and application guidance, but also various industry standards, specifications and requirements which OPTIMIX products confidently satisfy. The product system section is fully illustrated with practical and vibrant diagrams, it serves as a convenient tool for you to search for suitable product combos, therefore, in helping solve unpredicted issues encountered on site.   The e-version is now available in Download Area on OPTIMIX website. Register & download at: https://www.optimix.com.hk/login   If a physical copy is preferred, you’re welcome to contact our sales representatives or call us at (852) 2395 5388!
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  • 2021-06-24
    OPTIMIX RM725 & RM740 Repair Mortar Accredited with PCCS-RM
    OPTIMIX is happy to announce that our RM725 and RM740 repair mortars have successfully attained PCCS-RM certification issued by HKCI.   The Hong Kong Housing Authority has rigorous requirements for their building projects, only repair mortar accredited with PCCS-RM would be accepted in HKHA repair works.   OPTIMIX RM725 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 25) & RM740 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 40) are high quality polymer modified and shrinkage-compensated mortars optimized for structural patch-repair purposes. With high early strength and other critical abilities as a repair mortar, these products are suitable for repairing spalled concrete, general concrete defects like voids and honeycombing and providing reinforcement to the embedded steel to reinstate defective concrete. Overhead and vertical applications can be performed without the use of a formwork.   ➤ The mortar can be applied up to 50mm thick as a single layer for vertical applications. ➤ The mortar can be applied up to 40mm thick as a single layer for overhead applications. Application Procedures: 1. Break out the repair area and saw cut the perimeter at right angle to the face of the concrete to a depth of at least 10mm to avoid feather edges. Clean the exposed concrete surface and remove dust and loose particles. Expose and remove all loose rust from corroded reinforcement.    2. Apply OPTIMIX PE Polymer Emulsion cement slurry primer (PE : Cement = 1 : 1.5) to the cleaned reinforcement and allow to dry in forming protective film.    3. A thin layer of OPTIMIX PE Polymer Emulsion cement slurry primer should be brushed onto the concrete surface. Repair mortar should be applied onto the primed area when the primer becomes tacky. Repair mortar should be placed and compacted onto the primed substrate by trowel or gloved hand.  *Application procedures is for general reference only, refer to method statement issued by OPTIMIX for site applications.   Application Tutorial Videos: (for reference only) 1. OPTIMIX RM725 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 25)   2. OPTIMIX RM740 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 40)
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  • 2021-06-10
    Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice Campaign 2021
    Under the COVID-19 recession in our city, OPTIMIX this year would like to inherit Master Lo Pan's spirit and carry the tradition of "Lo Pan Rice" with giving it a new meaning and to give back to our society.   As part of the CISVP, OPTIMIX is happy to form a volunteer team to service where we can contribute and embody the care to society from construction industry. Last week, thanks to the CISVP and Christian Family Service Centre Headquarters organizing we successfully helped distribute meal boxes and our virus-combat kits to the disadvantaged groups in Cheung Sha Wan. We hope we brought not only warm meals but also an inspiration of goodwill to every one of us.   OPTIMIX commit ourselves in Corporate Social Responsibility and our volunteer team will continue devoting ourselves into different charity events. Stay tuned!
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  • 2021-05-28
    Vote Now To Support Optimix In Q-Mark Elite Brand 2021
    Thank you for your continuous support and trust to Optimix, giving our premium products and services a chance to wholeheartedly help build your dream architectures! Optimix is once again a candidate of Q-Mark Awards this year hosted by Hong Kong Q-Mark Schemes. With heartfelt gratitude we hope our brand would gain your vote among our customer base and dear friends in the poll. Your vote means your confident approval to us and for Optimix, we deeply value our customers’ opinions, so your vote is an important index to us. We hope you will cast your vote! Until 25th July 2021, you, family and friends can vote through the website http://elitebrand.qmark.org.hk, choose your favorite brands and gain the chance to win attractive prizes!   The voting steps are easy:   Go to http://elitebrand.qmark.org.hk   Choose your favorite brands in different categories and fill out your contact details, Optimix is under   1. 產品類別  >>10. 建材用品類別 Choose "OPTIMIX" After voting, you may share this event on your Facebook or via the link of poll to more friends, and include them in this highly anticipated event!
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