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  • 2021-01-18
    DB390 & DB391 Rapid-Set Flooring Solution for Climate Changes
    This winter we are under the impact of an unusually cold weather, OPTIMIX sends our warmest regards in hopes that you are all safe and cozy at home. The last thing we need in this acute change in climate would be tiles popping up, imposing danger of injuries and the hassle of getting them repaired. In August we made a post discussing the importance of grouting to prevent this: https://bit.ly/3bQgyHk     The common reasons for tiles popping up are: 1. Plummeting temperature, expansion and shrinkage-caused movements in the substrate 2. Insufficient joint width between tiles.   For large floor tiles, we also recommend using our rapid-set DB390 & DB391 the Semi-Dry Bedding Mortar series. Utilizing the dry screed method, shrinkage and tile movement is much more stable with the DB screed, thus the risk of tiles popping and detachment is minimized, ensuring your safety even in extreme climates.   OPTIMIX DB390 SEMI-DRY BEDDING MORTAR (RAPID-SETTING) is a high quality rapid hardening screed designed for semi-dry bedding method of installation. OPTIMIX DB390 is simple to mix, easy to apply and has a reasonable working time to allow for rapid installation and quick return to service.   OPTIMIX DB391 ADHESIVE SLURRY (RAPID-SETTING) is a high quality polymer modified cementitious fast-setting adhesive. It is designed for rapid fixing and easy adjustment of floor tiles on traditional semi-dry bedding system. It is ready for grouting and can receive foot traffic in 6 hours after installation.     As a reference, after laying and leveling tiles, the ideal thickness of the adhesive should be about 3-5mm, the final thickness after application may be slightly reduced due to pressure. This thickness is sufficient to maintain the level of the entire floor tile system while avoiding hollowing. In order to prevent floor tiles from squeezing each other due to expansion, proper joint widths should be reserved during application.   If you have any questions regarding the installation of floor tiles, please feel free to contact us: https://www.optimix.com.hk/contact.
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  • 2020-12-09
    Project Overview: Shanghai White Magnolia Plaza
    30 years passed by, Pudong of Shanghai has evolved from barrenness to an international metropolis, witnessing the success of Reform & Opening-Up in China. "New Town East, Old Town West", the old town neighbor across the Huangpu River, Puxi, has also been undergoing advancements.   Named after the Shanghai city flower - Yulan Magnolia, the White Magnolia Plaza is situated in the North Bund of Hongkou District in Puxi. By far the tallest skyscraper in Puxi, the plaza’s construction completed in start of 2017. Filling the void of commercial happenings in North Bund area, the Old Shanghai has redrawn the public's attention.   The Shopping Mall inside the plaza has chosen OPTIMIX products for their wall & floor tiling work, namely TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible), which complies to BS EN12004 Class C1TE with slip resistance performance; and TA301 Tile Adhesive (Basic), which complies to BS 5980 Type 1 Class AA. Both adhesives can effortlessly install and fix various kinds of wall and floor tiles, boosting the cost effectiveness and maximizing the strength and durability in tiling work.
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  • 2020-10-29
    Project Overview: OPTIMIX Full System for KHOS Qingyuan
    A new brand curated by Rosewood Hotel Group, KHOS has premiered in Southern China this year. Situated in a prestigious mineral hot spring site, KHOS Qingyuan has adopted a Japanese décor concept, exhibiting “nature, scenery, architecture” the harmonious trio in the resort. The hot spring facilities in the hotel with extensive use of water have raised the bar of waterproofing and efflorescence resistance requirements, and OPTIMIX’s efflorescence resistant adhesives and grout have proven their fortified performance in such case.   KHOS Qingyuan has applied the full system of OPTIMIX products, including BP138 Base Plaster (Waterproof), WP515 Waterproofing Slurry (General), TA328S Tile Adhesive (Flexible) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance and TG410ES Tile Adhesive (High Performance) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance. Each product performs their own strengths, covering every need of plastering, waterproofing, tiling and grouting, from top to bottom. Product quality is certified by multiple tests and is truly your confident choice of building material.   For more details or job references, talk to our specialists today!
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  • 2020-10-09
    OPTIMIX Awarded Eco Partner in BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019
    BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019 Prize Presentation and 2020 Launching Ceremony hosted by FHKI was successfully held on 5 October. Optimix has once again been awarded “Eco-Partner” certification for 3 consecutive years.   Optimix has always devoted in proposing and implementing new improvement plans on being environmentally friendly. In the process of handling raw materials and production, we hope to maximize each material’s use in every way. Plants in production process would produce some amount of dry mortar by-products, and with our past practice these by-products eventually might end up being industrial waste. In order to handle these by-products more effectively, we are now collaborating with national accredited contractors to recycle and further process them, giving these by-products a second life by turning them into materials like mechanical sand. Other than reducing industrial waste, we can also recycle and reuse these materials, ultimately reaching a win-win sustainable solution.   We stand by our rule to develop sustainably and one of our goals is to minimize the environment impact of our activities. We will also continue to search for innovative solutions, creating shared values for our customers and society.
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  • 2020-09-25
    Together We Built – Hong Kong Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre with MiC
    The Hong Kong quarantine camps (Phase 1) situated in Penny's Bay has officially commenced service, thanks to the top efficiency brought by Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology paired with crew team’s close cooperation and the massive performance power of modern building materials. The entire project consumed only 4 months, from scratch to finish. Optimix has always borne the idea of sustainable development in our minds and business, we stress the importance of executing corporate social responsibility to answer to our society’s needs. In this imminent and challenging project, we swiftly provided the assembling team our TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) and TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance). These products can all at once comply with HKBD’s MiC standards, HKEPD’s VOC regulations and HK Waterworks Regulation Schedule 2. Through this exceptional MiC project, we believe in other than focusing on product R&D and sales, but also the essentiality to run a business that suits the economy, the society and the ethics to our environment!
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