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  • 2023-06-30
    Optimix Supports "Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice" Campaign for 3 Consecutive Year
    Optimix has always been supportive of various social welfare activities, connecting the community through different means with a commitment to fostering an inclusive society and creating value through community investment. Since 2021, Optimix Volunteer Team has participated in the "Construction Industry Lo Pan Rice" campaign for the third time, distributing packed meals to grassroots families and ethnic minorities groups, offering care and warmth.   Last month, the volunteer team once again mobilized and collaborated with YMCA Jordan Centre to dispense 150 boxed meals to the families in the area. Through this act of care and providing nourishment, we stand together with them in times of adversity.   We would like to express our gratitude the Construction Industry Council for organizing this event and the YMCA staff for their on-site assistance. We look forward to continuing our community contributions, actively collaborating with different organizations, working together to drive change, and helping meet the diverse needs of the community, all while creating social value.
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  • 2023-06-30
    Optimix Awarded the Outstanding ESG and Smart Living Enterprise 2023" Accolade
    From enterprise management, product R&D to manufacturing process, Optimix has always been actively implementing intelligent and data driven technologies to reduce carbon emissions. We have taken numerous measures to contribute to the sustainable development of humanity, society, and the environment. Today, we are honored to attend the "ESG and Smart Living Forum 2023" organized by HK01 and receive the "Outstanding ESG and Smart Living Enterprise 2023" award. This recognition of our efforts in ESG and sustainable development is a significant encouragement for Optimix.
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  • 2023-06-16
    Optimix warmly welcome the Zhuhai Jinwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs
    A delegation from the Zhuhai Jinwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs visited the Optimix's Eco-friendly Building Materials Production Base in Zhuhai in mid-June. In addition to visiting the factory equipment and environmental protection measures, a health seminar was also organized, emphasizing the importance of establishing good habits to maintain work efficiency.   Ms. Ivy He, General Manager of Optimix (Guangdong) Ltd. and Vice-President of the Zhuhai Jinwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs, warmly welcomed the participants and guided a tour of the company exhibition hall, "Industry 4.0" facilities, and automated manufacturing area. Subsequently, through the tour and watching the corporate video, the members gained insights into Optimix's development history, core business, cultural philosophy and goals. The participants expressed their appreciation for Optimix's efforts and contributions towards achieving the goal of "carbon neutrality".   Mr. Ben Cheung, the General Manager of the Zhuhai production base, also delivered a welcome speech, and later, Mr. Lu Gaobin, the Deputy General Manager of ICBC Private Banking, shared business case with the participants.   We were delighted to have Ms. Wang Rufeng, Senior Consultant of the Jinwan Shengkangyuan Chinese-Western Integrated Clinic, to host the seminar. Through case sharing, she provided detailed explanations on common health issues among women, reminding everyone of the importance of precautionary measures and regular body check.   In the future, Optimix will continue to maintain close communications with the Zhuhai Jinwan Association of Women Entrepreneurs in various aspects such as business exchange and promoting the women entrepreneurs development.
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  • 2023-06-11
    Optimix Awarded Certificate of Appreciation for “The 2nd Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition” Sponsorship
    The CEO of Optimix, Mr. Calvin Chan, attended the commendation ceremony of “The 2nd Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition” organized by the Construction Industry Council. He was presented with a certificate of appreciation to acknowledge our sponsorship and contribution to the event in nurturing new talents in the industry. Optimix has always been actively encouraging young people to join the construction industry and elevating the overall technical standards of the industry. Over the years, we have been steadfast in supporting various types of skills competition activities to unearth talents in the industry. This year, Optimix continued its strong support for the competition by providing OPTIMIX F12 MASONRY MORTAR for the bricklaying contest. We look forward to furthering our efforts in the coming year and continuing to rally together for the betterment of the industry.
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  • 2023-04-26
    Construction Industry Council Delegation Visited Optimix's Eco-friendly Building Materials Production Base in Zhuhai
    26 April 2023 - Optimix welcomed the Greater Bay Area High Efficiency Building Delegation led by Ir Thomas Ho, Chairman of CIC and Ir Albert Cheng, Executive Director of CIC.   It was their first visit to our new production base for eco-friendly building materials located in Jinwan District, Zhuhai. Both sides engaged in in-depth communication and exchanged ideas on how to promote high-efficiency building through sustainable building materials.   During the visit, we took the opportunity to introduce the delegation to Optimix's industry 4.0 facilities at Zhuhai site, as well as our implementations in production, recycling, and energy conservation. We also shared how we reduce the product carbon footprint through our 'Carbon Neutrality Trio' model, and how we commit to the country’s carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals. These presentations left a deep impression to the delegation.   In the future, Optimix will keep close communication with the CIC, and deepen cooperation with the construction industry through continuous investment and sharing experiences.
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