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About Us

Company Background

Established in 2000, OPTIMIX is a Hong Kong based company with wholly owned subsidiaries responsible for product development, production, sales and service of advanced technical dry mortar products. OPTIMIX's dry mortar products cover plastering, tiling, waterproofing, grouting, repairing, flooring, emulsions and other customised innovations. We offer the most durable and sustainable material solutions for the building and construction industry.

Apart from the Hong Kong headquarters, OPTIMIX has established sales centres in Macau, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuhai to promote and support our high quality, eco-friendly dry mortar systems to every region. Our manufacturing plant in Zhuhai and Dongguan are run by the most experienced and capable staff in the business, is equipped with highly automated machines to produce an annual output of over 200,000 tonnes.

In OPTIMIX we focus on quality and reliability in our goal to provide the most consistent and appropriate solutions for our customers. As such, OPTIMIX and its production plant have been accredited with Hong Kong Top Brand, Hong Kong - Guangdong Cleaner Production Partners, Q-Mark Elite Brand Award, ISO 9001 Certification in Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Certification in Environmental Management System, Certification in Hong Kong Q Mark Product Scheme, Hong Kong Green Label Certificate, Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Tile Adhesives (PCCS-TA) and Certificate for Product Certification for Repair Mortar (PCCS-RM). We implement a series of stringent internal and external quality assurance procedures in all areas to ensure and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers on product consistency and quality.

Our commitment to innovation and dedication to technological enhancement form an integral part of our culture and further reinforce our pioneering position in the industry.

Our Plant

OPTIMIX operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant with three separate sets of production facilities to produce high quality, polymer modified, cementitious construction materials. The plant is equipped with the latest European technologies to produce premixed dry mortar systems, under the brand name: OPTIMIX.

To meet the production needs and customer demands, OPTIMIX has upgraded both its production and logistics infrastructure, resulting in increased customer satisfaction as well as recognition of its development goals and orientation.

Our plant
Plant Location

The plants are located in the Pearl River delta area and equipped with its own berthing facilities to handle both raw materials and finished products, thus enabling efficient distribution and delivery to any location in the region.

Product Quality and Performance

Our raw materials are selected only from proven sources of consistent quality. State-of-the-art high quality additives are imported from leading international suppliers to ensure consistent performance for all OPTIMIX products. OPTIMIX’s computer controlled with latest robotic technology manufacturing plant ensures that all aspects of OPTIMIX’s production processes adhere to the required manufacturing tolerances. Products are manufactured and produced wholly in accordance with the HKQAA certified ISO9001 Quality Management System. In parallel, OPTIMIX also operates its own stringent in-house quality control system to monitor product quality, to ensure full compliance with the relevant standards and specifications. Due to the superior performance and consistent quality, OPTIMIX products are approved and used by a wide range of government departments and private developers in the region.

Research and Development

OPTIMIX has a dedicated team of engineers and material experts, utilising OPTIMIX’s modern laboratory facilities, developing products through extensive research and a strong understanding of local application conditions and constraints. Hence, it can develop and provide suitable premixed construction materials for a wide range of applications, including tailor made products to suit the bespoke requirements of OPTIMIX’s customers. 

Our laboratory facilities
Customer Service

OPTIMIX has a pool of experienced material specialists, technical staff and sales engineers to assist customers in selecting the most appropriate product for their needs. In addition, on-site support for product applications and other technical issues will be provided to ensure customer satisfaction and proper use of the products.

Our Pledges
To remain a regional market leader in specialist pre-mixed dry mortars
To continually develop and manufacture innovative construction products
To supply products that are the best value solutions of quality and performance
To provide a meaningful warranty for all OPTIMIX's products
Our Hong Kong Headquarters
Our Missions
To excel in all areas of expertise in pre-packed construction products
To protect the environment with the development of green products
To develop innovative products that meet market needs
To manufacture products that improve the quality of buildings
To build positive relationships with like-minded specifiers, clients and applicators
Our Visions
To make OPTIMIX the first consideration for pre-packed construction products
To create better building materials solutions
To be technologically innovative