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  • 2023-04-23
    Optimix Once Again Supports The Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition
    Optimix has always believed nurturing young talent in the construction industry is an essential element for industry’s development. By passing on technical skills to the new generation and helping them to achieve skill enhancements, it would support a sustainable talent development.   We were honored to sponsor the Hong Kong Construction Skills Competition organized by the Construction Industry Council for the second consecutive year. We provided OPTIMIX F12 MASONRY MORTAR for the bricklaying competition in the youth group - F12 is our signature product for bricklaying, flooring and plastering works which efficiently replaces traditional on-site batching mortars with significant quality improvement. Moreover, this product is widely used in the Hong Kong Construction Industry Trade Testing Centres.   The competition aims to gather and recognize talents with excellent technical skills in various trades, and as well as discover and nurture emerging talents. Let’s revisit the highlights of the day and witness how construction industry elites showcased their skills with F12.
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  • 2023-03-14
    Awarded “Caring Company” title for 4 consecutive years, a recognition of Optimix's CSR practices
    Optimix has always been committed to the practice of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), actively participating in various public welfare activities and contributing to society. We are honored to receive the "Caring Company " title for the fourth consecutive years, which recognizes our contributions to society.   Our corporate social responsibility and citizenship activities cover various areas, including environmental protection, public welfare and charity, social assistance, employee care, and more. We have always focused on vulnerable groups and communities, providing them with help through the distribution of masks during anti-epidemic care campaigns, participation in coastal cleanup days, and volunteer visits. We aim to help those in need to feel the care and warmth of the construction industry.   Behind these CSR practices is our high attention and firm commitment to corporate social responsibility. We believe that in order for a company to achieve long-term and healthy development, in addition to pursuing economic benefits, Optimix must also assume its due responsibility to society and the environment and make its own contributions to society.   Finally, we would like to thank our customers, partners, and members of the community for their support and trust in our company. We look forward to working together with everyone to create a better future for society.
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  • 2023-03-10
    Hong Kong Green Organization Certification | Optimix Receives Recognition and Accreditation in Green Management
    After implementing a series of effective environmental measures, we are pleased to announce that Optimix has received the Hong Kong Green Organization Certification and has been awarded Energywi$e Certificate and Wastewi$e Certificate. This recognition not only acknowledges our commitment to environmental protection, but also represents a promise to continue contributing to the cause.   The Hong Kong Green Organization Certification is a credible certification program jointly organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee, the Environmental Protection Department, and nine organizations to encourage companies to implement green management. Through the assessment of the evaluation committee, companies must demonstrate outstanding performance in energy conservation and waste reduction, and sign the Energy Saving Charter and 4T Charter Schemes launched by the Hong Kong government, and be awarded the title of "Hong Kong Green Organization".   This honor represents Optimix's active involvement and good performance in environmental work. From energy conservation and emission reduction to resource recycling, Optimix constantly enhances its environmental awareness and capabilities.   These measures not only help reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable development for the next generation of Hong Kong, but also reduce operating costs, improve corporate competitiveness, and enhance corporate image.   It is believed that the implementation of the Green Organization Certification is a major step forward in Hong Kong's environmental work and an important path to achieving sustainable development. This certification program inspires us to focus on environmental undertakings and promote green economy.   In the future, we will also have an opportunity to exchange and cooperate with other certified companies to promote the development of environmental undertakings.
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  • 2023-02-11
    The New Era of Smart Production – OPTIMIX Opens Its Second Factory in Greater Bay Area
    The work commencement ceremony of OPTIMIX's new Smart Factory was held in the heart of Greater Bay Area – Zhuhai. We are about to welcome a new chapter in sustainable building material. As the leading brand of dry mortar supply in the Greater Bay Area, OPTIMIX fully understands both innovative technology and green building material are essential to the construction industry, and we also hope that technology can be utilized actively to increase production power, at the same time alleviating the shortage of labor. Therefore, the new Zhuhai Smart Factory is our realization of the "Industry 4.0" concept. The digitalized, intelligent, low-carbon factory takes up approximately 18,000 sqm. of gross area, and the estimated production power reaches 300,000 tons annually. The new factory will cooperate with the current Dongguan factory, pushing high quality development in the region. OPTIMIX's CEO & Executive Director Mr. Calvin Chan gave his speech at the ceremony: Facing the increasing demand of green building material in the market, OPTIMIX grasps this opportunity to prioritize green product development. Our "Industry 4.0" Smart Factory was born with the aim of "Green & Smart", we support our nation’s double carbon goal with low carbon production, and we will also execute our core advantages and sustainable innovativeness in the dry mortar development, production and sales area. Together we will strengthen Zhuhai’s building material business. More than only development and production of environmental-friendly products, the whole construction of the factory pays attention to pollution reduction and waste disposal management. We designed a series of sustainable recycling program and mounted solar photovoltaic system, using renewable energy to assist production, taking actual steps to respond to energy conservation and emission reduction. Our production facility was pre-certified Silver by LEED-NC, and attained ISO 9001 & ISO14001, affirming OPTIMIX’s effort in all-round green production and switching to low-carbon. Under the background of the "Industry 4.0" era and the guidance of sustainable development policies, Zhuhai Smart Factory has realized the automation, digitalization and intelligent management of the entire production process, making production more intelligent, efficient, precise and safe. The "smart manufacturing" process also relies on a new integrated management system, which integrates ERP, MES, and WMS operations, which helps our colleagues to more easily understand the production and sales process, realizes streamlined online production and visualizes data flow, maximizing information transparency and resource integration. Rooted in Hong Kong, OPTIMIX will continue work with our country’s development tactics, focusing on developing high quality low-carbon dry mortar products, playing a part in Greater Bay Area projects. We will utilize our bridgehead advantage and thrive with the bay.
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  • 2022-12-20
    More OPTIMIX Products Certified Platinum in CIC Green Product Certification
    We are happy to let you know that more opportunities to go green in building materials are on the horizon. OPTIMIX TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible), TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance) and WP533 Waterproofing Slurry (Semi-Flexible) are joining our TA328 for highest Platinum recognition in CIC Green Product Certification, as an acknowledgement of OPTIMIX’s devotion to the #environment. OPTIMIX will continue to fulfill our green and sustainability mission on more architectural projects. Using certified green products can be awarded extra points in BEAM Plus assessment, the leading initiative to offer independent assessments of building sustainability in Hong Kong, this aims to lower the influence to the environment and improves environment quality, making the project more cost effective and sustainable.
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