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  • 2021-05-27
    Project Overview: Tianjin CTF Finance Centre in Tianjin, China
    The Tianjin CTF Finance Centre under New World Development located at the TEDA is a 530m tall skyscraper designed by SOM Architects. The gross area of this project is 390,000 sqm, as an iconic landmark that houses a five-star hotel, Grade-A offices, lavish residences and retail businesses.   Being the tallest building in north of Yangtze River, the fourth in China and eighth in the world, the design of Tianjin CTF Finance Centre complies with the gold standard of LEED, the project planning and construction are recognized by multiple national and international awards.   In the basement carpark and loading area, OPTIMIX FH919 Floor Hardener was used. This product has extremely high compressive strength and by using dry shake method that incorporates the product with the surface of substrate, it works as a monolithic highly abrasion-resistant surface poured on top of the concrete substrate. This product is a good fit for surfaces that require high level of hardness and wear resistance, withstanding foot and vehicle traffic.   As for KHOS Hotel under the Rosewood Group inside the building, OPTIMIX TA312 Tile Adhesive (General Purpose) was chosen for the tiling work in the guest rooms, with easy application and certain amount of flexibility to ensure a good durability.
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  • 2021-05-20
    OPTIMIX celebrates the ground-breaking ceremony of the new production plant in Zhuhai
    We have an exciting news to share with you - The ground-breaking ceremony of our new production plant in Zhuhai took place in late-April, marking the beginning of the new chapter for OPTIMIX as the project enters the construction phase! The new factory will provide state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities infused with two major concepts – Innovation and Smart Manufacturing.   Situated at the hub of new materials, biomedicine, high-end printing devices and new energy, we believe the Jinwan area in Zhuhai as the fort of production business has a lot to offer. OPTIMIX is dedicated in R&D of eco-friendly and innovative building materials, and the realization of automation & "Industry 4.0".   Our new base will adopt the internationally recognized LEED green building rating system as our construction standards, taking environmental and well-being impact into our design consideration, striving for a sustainable smart facility that can positively contribute to the Zhuhai society and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.   We are much grateful for the continuous support from the citizens and local governments of Jinwan District and Hongqi Town. We believe this strategic development can achieve our goal of becoming the benchmark production base in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area!
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  • 2021-05-12
    Project Overview: Oriental Bund in Foshan, China
    The Oriental Bund in Foshan jointly developed by KWG Group Holdings and Sun Hung Kai Properties is anticipated to be the next "Zhujiang New Town". This impressive project takes up 2.8 million sqm. of land, with 0.4 million sqm. of commercial structures, adhering to the delicate city planning of Zhujiang New Town.   Consists of 24 plots of land, the Oriental Bund offers a rich variety of sceneries and architectures. You may discover low residential density villas, spacious apartments, office units, commercial complexes and hubs in the area, which cleverly illustrates the culture and artistic vision of Chinese gardening. Green nature elements blended into the design, men, architectures and the environment become one and therefore a serene atmosphere is created. The large lawn at the entrance, front and back yards of the houses, the surrounding woodland and the long waterfront promenade form an overall coherent landscape. The picturesque net-like waterway design runs through the entire scenery, providing residents with a peaceful water village living sanctuary. The intertwined waterscape organically integrates the residential clusters.   Products Used: OPTIMIX TA301 Tile Adhesive (Basic) OPTIMIX TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible)   The wall tiling project of the residence uses OPTIMIX TA301 and TA313 tile adhesives, which can easily fix and adjust the installation of different types of tiles. It can exhibit good all-round bonding performance and has a certain degree of flexibility to ensure a long-lasting durability to achieve a comfortable living environment.
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  • 2021-04-23
    Project Overview: Heartland 66 in Wuhan, China
    The Heartland 66 in Wuhan, China is officially up and running! A high-end commercial complex developed by Hang Lung Properties in the city center, designed by Aedas, the mall has a gross area of 177,000 sqm with 6 storeys. Providing a rich diversity of luxury goods, fashion, lifestyle, gourmet, family leisure and entertainment. Each floor is a representation of HLP's unique interpretation on brands and business structure. All inclusive of different consumers' groups and different spending needs.   From a bird's eye view, the shopping mall of Heartland 66 looks like the number "8" shaped in a Mobius strip. The design was inspired by the Chinese knot, symbolizing luck, fortune and blessings.   The OPTIMIX products used:   OPTIMIX DB390 Semi-Dry Bedding Mortar (Rapid Setting) OPTIMIX DB391 Adhesive Slurry (Rapid Setting) OPTIMIX DB390N Semi-Dry Bedding Mortar OPTIMIX DB391N Adhesive Slurry OPTIMIX TA312 Tile Adhesive (General Purpose) OPTIMIX TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible) OPTIMIX SF80 Primer   The entire Heartland 66 adopted a similar style of stone floor tiles, creating a sense of unity. The floor tiling was supported by a high volume of OPTIMIX DB390(N) and DB391(N), applied in a dry screed system, it can effectively reserve space for tile movement and shrinkage, hence reducing the chances of tiles popping and detachments.
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  • 2021-04-13
    Project Overview: Hong Kong Housing Authority - Maintenance and Refurbishment Works in Tin Shui Estate
    OPTIMIX has been providing HKHA projects with various products for their estate improvement programme and in-flat maintenance services, thus providing a safe and comfy living environment for the residents and extending the life of the building. Recently we supplied Prebatched Concrete and Skimcoat to Tin Shui Estate, Tin Shui Wai for building improvements and units repair:     1. The repair in rooftop water tanks requires concrete stumps, yet due to the location being a rooftop and material consumption is rather limited, using a concrete truck is not cost and time effective. Therefore, the contractor chose the OPTIMIX PC30 Prebatched Concrete (Standard) in 40kg bag. This product complies with Hong Kong Buildings Department Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2013, and also attained the mix ID from Public Works Laboratories under CEDD, which allows us to supply this product to HKHA projects anytime. What's so special about prebatched concrete is that, other than no location restriction, the quality of concrete is consistent and stable, greatly enhancing the project's flexibility, including but not limited to costs and working time.         2. The vacant premises in the estate require interior wall and ceiling plaster finish, the contractor adopted OPTIMIX SC273 Skimcoat (Putty for Paint), replacing the traditional lime putty with unstable quality. Our special formula makes it easy to polish and allows a highly efficient and time-saving application. Besides, the damp & mould resistance and low VOC content makes it very suitable for residential, commercial and public buildings.   If you have any questions for prebatched concrete and skimcoat, you are welcome to be in contact with us! We will soon continue providing different solutions for repair projects.
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