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  • 2022-06-22
    Timeless, Boundless – Hong Kong Palace Museum Opens July
    We are excited to learn that the Hong Kong Palace Museum will be open to public on the 2nd of July, a perfect date for family visits over the holiday weekend to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR. Sister to The Palace Museum in Beijing, the Hong Kong Palace Museum will showcase over 900 pieces of priceless exhibits from the original Chinese treasure vault, bringing the history and stories from thousands of years ago in the Forbidden City to public’s eyes, with some premieres to the world for the first time ever. Designed by Rocco Design Architects, the Museum is poised to be a fresh and contemporary interpretation of traditional aesthetics, drawing inspiration from Chinese art and architecture, as well as Hong Kong’s urban environment. Three atriums will connect the different floors of the museum vertically, referencing the horizontal spatial configuration along the central axis of the Forbidden City. From the atriums visitors can enjoy vistas of the Entrance Plaza, the Hong Kong Island skyline, and Lantau Island, and appreciate the harmony between the museum building and its surroundings. With a total floor area of about 30,000 sqm, 9 exhibition galleries will meet the public and 2 of them are special-themed, be sure not to miss it during your visit! OPTIMIX once again is honored to be participating in Hong Kong’s monumental construction project like this. We have supplied our Self-Levelling mortar combo SF80 (Primer) + SF818 (Underlayment) and our TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance). Self-Levelling is our prestigious product that is very suitable for spacious public area. When applied onto stable rigid substrates it can achieve a strong, seamless and smooth level surface in preparation for trafficable and decorative finishes such as carpet, vinyl, tiles, and resin based coatings etc., offering a reliable base for the museum to express their artistic insights on interiors and handle the high volume traffic.
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  • 2022-05-20
    Grand Central Takes Home the Grand Award in GBA 2021
    Big congratulations to the project team of Grand Central which OPTIMIX fully supports in Green Building Award 2021! Grand Central adopted OPTIMIX's Flooring, Plastering & Tiling systems that our earth-friendly products can help contribute in this award dedicated to sustainability. Our exceptional TA328 used in this project attained the highest Platinum grade in CIC Green Product Certification, with premium performance without sacrificing a clean environment. Its perfect partner, the tile grout TG410ES gives a great final touch to different types of tile installation. It complies with HK Waterworks Regulation Schedule 2 and the VOC Content meets the regulation of HKEPD ensuring users' safety. OPTIMIX has always been emphasizing the importance of green and sustainability, we strive to keep our products eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint and incorporate our vision into the building projects with our clients who share the same values. Our safe, non-toxic products with sustainable packaging and manufacturing plant near Hong Kong can help raise our clients' project score in environmental assessments like BEAM Plus, WELL & LEED. Not only buildings we should build, but more importantly, a green future together.
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  • 2022-05-19
    Wade Across The Waves - MTR East Rail Line Cross-Harbour Extension Commences Service
    The long anticipated MTR East Rail Line Cross-Harbour Extension has officially commenced service, becoming the 4th cross-harbour railway in Hong Kong. The new route connects the Northeast New Territories, Central Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, with a total span of 46 kilometres. The new terminus will be extended from Hung Hom to Admiralty, passing through the new Exhibition Centre station in Wanchai North, totaling 16 stations. Passengers from New Territories and Cross-Border no longer need to interchange and will directly reach the business areas of Hong Kong Island, providing a swift and convenient cross-harbor commuting arrangement. Direct route from Sheung Shui to Admiralty, about 15 minutes can be saved compared to interchanging twice in the past. The interchange stations Tai Wai, Kowloon Tong, Hung Hom & Admiralty on the East Rail Line is linked to five other railways, including Tuen Ma Line, Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, the Island Line & Southern Island Line, defining the axis of the Hong Kong Railway system network, offering more travel options and strengthening the connection of the city. The new Exhibition Centre station is located near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, giving a new life to the development of Hong Kong’s commerce, conferences, exhibitions and tourism. Being the station closest to the shore, the color palette of the station adopted green and grey to represent the sea water in Victoria Harbor, and a photo exhibition of the harbour, the discovery of war bombs during underground construction and the history across the century. The station is akin to a part of the exhibition, immersing into the waves, colors, lights and history. OPTIMIX supplied over 40,000 bags of our products to the Exhibition Centre station and Admiralty station, fully supporting the construction of the stations. Including prebatched concrete, skimcoats, and the essentials used in the iconic mosaic-tiling in MTR stations – tile adhesives and grouting, a new chapter is being written in the Hong Kong Metro. BP126 Base Plaster BP138 Base Plaster (Waterproof) SC216 Skimcoat (Fine) SC228 Skimcoat TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible) TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance) NS612 Non-Shrink Grout RM740 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 40) PC30 Prebatched Concrete – Standard PC40 Prebatched Concrete – Premium PC45 Prebatched Concrete – Superior PE Polymer Emulsion Procrete
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  • 2022-05-03
    History Reborn – CLP HQ Revitalization Project: St George's Mansions
    For more than 20 years, OPTIMIX has been playing a role as building material supplier in our society's different historical building conservation and revitalization projects. The ever-standing architectures are the witnesses of changes of era, other than the Central Market revitalization project we introduced earlier, let us show you the CLP former HQ reconstruction co-developed by CLP and Sino Group – St George's Mansions. A big highlight of this project is the co-existence of conservation and residential development, preserving the rare historical value of Kadoorie Hill. The renowned architect Robert Stern deeply understands this landmark as a collective memory, he cleverly planned to rebuild part of the old CLP HQ complex on the original site into 25-storey residences, while revitalizing the clock tower, which is listed as Grade 1 historical building, and set up two museums and the office of The Hong Kong Heritage Project. The layout and façade design of the new buildings also echo to the proportions, details, materials, textures and colors of the clock tower to achieve a sense of coherence, harmony, and continuity. In addition to participating in the creation of countless modern and futuristic skyscrapers, OPTIMIX is also an expert in building neoclassical architecture. This project adopted a lot of European natural stone from outdoor to indoor with the help of the OPTIMIX plastering and tiling system, including BP126 Base Plaster, TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible), and TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance). It is worth noting that, in order to match the architectural style, the tile grout is selected from OPTIMIX's special and wide range of made-to-order colors. More than just the common black and white, OPTIMIX tile grout is available in more than 20 regular colors and fine/coarse textures, and can even be customized for large-scale projects to meet various design styles and texture requirements. If you are interested in obtaining a color chart, our sales representatives are happy to help!
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  • 2022-04-26
    The Five-Star Transformation - Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai
    The Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai has first opened for business in 1999, being the first commercial project set foot in Mainland China by the Hong Kong developer Hang Lung Group. Located in the bustling Xujiahui District, the plaza bearing Eurasian architectural style has instantly become an iconic landmark, sharing the thriving business with other malls in the area. With the rapid development of mainland commercial properties, in order to raise their competitiveness Grand Gateway 66 in 2017 has undergone an optimization project, renovating and transforming the plaza inside out. Since some of the shops would continue to operate during the construction period and to avoid affecting the shops and nearby residents, most of the construction can only be carried out from night to early morning, which was extremely difficult and challenging. OPTIMIX's Shanghai Team worked with the developer and design team and proposed a rapid-set tiling solution that suited this optimization project best, coping with time constraint while maintaining durability. Restoring the premium five-star luxury of Grand Gateway 66, the benchmark of architectural design of Xujiahui business district is newly reimagined. The floor and stone tiling in the renovation has largely adopted OPTIMIX DB390 Semi-Dry Bedding Mortar (Rapid Setting) & DB391 Adhesive Slurry (Rapid Setting), which are conveniently applicable in large areas. There were multiple outdoor site changes in this renovation project, including transforming the main entrance grand staircase into an open-space plaza and the Eurasian-style bazaar "Lan Kwai Fong". The performance of OPTIMIX DB390 & DB391 are more effective in reserving movement space for floor tiles and stones, thereby reducing bursting, serial loosening and spalling.
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