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  • 2022-09-30
    Summer's New Splash - The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong
    The much anticipated The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong near the WaterWorld has finally opened its doors this summer, bringing a whole new resort-level relaxation hotspot for the lively Hong Kong. Much more than just a typical luxury hotel, the coastal Fullerton with 425 guest rooms is branded with sustainable development since its construction, and it is the first hotel in Hong Kong and Mainland China receiving precertification under WELL Building Standard v2. A milestone achievement, the award recognizes the project’s sustainable intent to implement health and wellbeing strategies. The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong has also received BEAM Plus provisional Gold rating, recognized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. The very essential cementitious building materials are proudly supplied by OPTIMIX, our signature BP126 Base Plaster and Procrete emulsion help build a strong substrate to receive consequent construction layers of various kinds. Situated near the iconic theme park in Hong Kong, The Fullerton offers different special-themed guest rooms to give guests a fully immersive theme-park experience. The rooms utilize different palettes of colors and interior decorations and OPTIMIX’s TA328, which certified under the CIC Green Product Certification Platinum rating, can securely fix valuable tiles on wall substrates while staying environmental-friendly, and our top of the class TG410E Tile Grout with over 20 colors and coarseness choices boosts immense design flexibility and let your design imagination fly. OPTIMIX is always excited to land our advanced products in new green projects, building a healthier and sustainable future for the city. Talk to our specialists for your upcoming environmental-aware projects!
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  • 2022-09-06
    OPTIMIX x CISVP Construction Industry Shoreline Clean-up Day
    On a temperate and lovely day last weekend, OPTIMIX Volunteer Team once again wholeheartedly supports CIC by participating in Construction Industry Shoreline Clean-up Day in Wu Kai Sha Beach. Other than simply cleaning up the beach, it was a great opportunity for the OPTIMIX team to give back to the society by helping with the environment, to bond outside working days in a healthy and meaningful event and to learn about the importance of environment protection, marine conservation and green lifestyle. OPTIMIX is honored to live the “excel in work, relish to give” spirit. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this Coastal Cleaning Day and we look forward to the next CISVP event.
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  • 2022-08-24
    [Exclusive Interview By HKET] OPTIMIX Targets GBA Market, New Talents and In-House Green Products
    We are grateful that OPTIMIX has won the Hong Kong Top Brand 2021 earlier and our CEO Calvin Chan was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times. He shares that he sets eyes on the Greater Bay Area market in the future, supported by the crossover between the OPTIMIX and BoomPlast brands, and a new Smart Factory in Jinwan, Zhuhai, playing a supplementary and pivotal role in the development blueprint of OPTIMIX's future, seizing the opportunity offered by our country’s uprise. Calvin also believes in supporting the career of our youth, providing more opportunities for the young generation to discover talents for the local construction industry thus bringing about a more sustainable industry environment. In addition, in response to the major strategies of "Carbon Peak" and "Carbon Neutrality" advocated by the country's "14th Five-Year Plan", OPTIMIX will continue to devote itself to the R&D of environmentally friendly products, keep up with the fashion of green buildings, and create business opportunities for green development and contributions to the environment. Read the full interview here (Chinese only): https://paper.hket.com/article/3326428?r=cpstna
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  • 2022-08-17
    "The Substance" Wins Red Dot Design Award 2022
    We are thrilled to learn that our first ever brand brochure, The Substance, has been honored with Red Dot Design Award: Brands & Communication Design 2022, after also being shortlisted for ADC 101st Annual Awards and The One Show Awards 2022 earlier! We would like to give our sincere thanks to our colleagues in our production plant for arranging a smooth and successful shooting day for this project and thus the stunning images captured in the book, and all the experienced interviewees who shared their valuable memories and insights with OPTIMIX. The Substance will be a precious memento to record the people and growth of OPTIMIX.
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  • 2022-08-03
    OPTIMIX Awarded Bronze in Annual CISVP Corporate Award for Activeness
    Construction Industry Volunteer Recognition Ceremony 2022 by CIC was held last week to celebrate the achievements of the construction industry in overcoming the epidemic in the past year and dedicating to giving back to the society. The total number of participants in the program last year reached 19,381, and the total service hours exceeded 130,000, breaking the all-time record in the past years. The award ceremony also commended many ingenious volunteer projects and organizations with outstanding performance in the CISVP, and expressed gratitude towards all the participants for actively serving the society and the industry in spare time, building a positive image and breaking the stereotype of the construction industry - commercialized. Optimix is ​​much honored to receive the Bronze Award in the SME category of the "Annual CISVP Corporate Award for Activeness", which recognizes the contribution and positive changes made by the Optimix volunteer team to the society last year. Our team participated in the Lo Pan Rice which is a meaningful event that shares food and sanitizing kits with the underprivileged public in the combat with COVID-19. Our CEO Mr. Calvin Chan and staff had a great time helping others and OPTIMIX pledges to continue our support to CISVP, giving back to the society and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. In order to exert and inherit the spirit of Master Lo Pan to benefit the community, other than Lo Pan Rice 2022, Optimix will continue to participate in the “Construction Industry Coastal Cleanup Day” to jointly contribute to the natural environment. Employees can also learn about marine conservation and pollution, such as climate change, plastic pollution, etc. In this way, we can increase their awareness of conservation and understand the importance of recycling to nature. We hope that in addition to business development, we can encourage more peers to actively participate in volunteer activities, demonstrate corporate social responsibility, and do our best to give back to the society.
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