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  • 2015-12-16
    Social Caring Pledge
    In November 2015, OPTIMIX (Hong Kong) Ltd. was recognized as a Signatory of the Social Caring Pledge, which was organized by the Social Enterprise Research Institution (SERI). SERI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the continual development, promotion and application of corporate citizenship principles, models and techniques in Asia. OPTIMIX endeavours to be a socially responsible corporation. It gives back to the community through different channels including promotion of community involvement and development, elimination of employment and occupation discrimination, and promotion of environmental protection. OPTIMIX is committed to continue its efforts in the area of social care and responsibility in order to build a better tomorrow for society.
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  • 2013-10-10
    Optimix Manufacturing Plant is accredited the National Cleaner Production Corporation 2013
    The OPTIMIX manufacturing plant is one of the first 11 corporations to be accredited with the National Cleaner Production Corporation 2013 certification, in Dongguan.
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  • 2013-09-16
    H.K. Brick-Laying & Construction Trade Workers’ Union Visiting OPTIMIX Manufacturing Plant
    The H.K. Brick-Laying & Construction Trade Workers’ Union H.K. Brick-Laying & Construction Trade Workers’ Union is one of the unions of professional applicators and workers among the Hong Kong construction industry. In September 2013, their committee and members visited the OPTIMIX manufacturing plant. The Union shared their practical experience on sites and OPTIMIX provided the latest cementitious dry mortar technologies and material trials for the Union.
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  • 2013-06-27
    Guests Visiting Our Manufacturing Plant
    OPTIMIX invited the senior management and their colleagues, of the newly established subsidiary of the New World Group, Hip Seng Construction Co. Ltd. to visit its plant and share its material technology, in pre-bagged cementitious dry mortars. OPTIMIX's Technical Director, Ir. Raymond Wan, introduced the latest dry mortar manufacturing technology and the R&D results in advanced cementitious plastering, tiling, and self leveling flooring systems. Hip Seng shared certain cases that occurred on their projects and were interested in how Optimix products could assist them to assure their application quality on sites. The guests were also invited to visit OPTIMIX's laboratory to understand the rigorous in house quality control of OPTIMIX products. Both OPTIMIX and its guests have exchanged material technologies and experiences during this plant visit.
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  • 2013-06-24
    Project Update: Guangzhou West Tower
    Guangzhou International Finance Center (Guangzhou West Tower), located at the core of Pearl River New City, southwestern financial business district, is a landmark on the axis of Guangzhou. The project has high quality requirements for the underground parking lot renovation. After the stringent performance comparison of all the major brands by the owner and main contractor, they confirmed to use OPTIMIX products. The application was challenging, since the Four Seasons Hotel continued to operate as normal above the underground renovation area, such that the construction noise, generated by floor grinding machines, had to be maintained to a minimal level so as not to affect the operation of the hotel. Accordingly, the applicator had to manually pre-treat the uneven surface of the existing ground before the application of self leveling underlayment. After several days of effort, the renovation was successfully completed. Although the application surface was treated manually, the OPTIMIX product performed well and was finished to level and smooth, without experiencing any problems evident in traditional floor screeds, such as lamination, weakness, powdering, etc. Product used: •  OPTIMIX SF818 Self-Leveling Underlayment
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