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  • 2010-06-30
    Hong Kong Green Label
    Under the increase of global awareness of environmental protection, it is inevitable that the demand for green products is increasing. OPTIMIX’s mission is to provide its customers innovative products with superior quality. On 30th June 2010, the Hong Kong Green Label was awarded to Cement Connections Limited (OPTIMIX) for the product TA313 (Tile Adhesive - Semi-Flexible)  and TA328 (Tile Adhesive - Flexible) by the Hong Kong Green Label Scheme. The product category of TA313 &  TA328 relates to Adhesive (GL-008-008) under Construction Material. Being recognised by the Hong Kong Green Label Scheme not only guarantees OPTIMIX’s product quality to its customers but also motivates OPTIMIX to continue to strive for a greener future.
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  • 2010-05-11
    Shanghai Expo 2010
    Shanghai Expo 2010 was one of the year’s most remarkable events, worldwide.  OPTIMIX was honoured to be the building material supplier of various pavilions: •  OPTIMIX SF818 Self-Leveling Underlayment - the Pavilion of Future. •  OPTIMIX RM780 Rapid Setting Repair Mortar - both the Danish and the Norwegian Pavilions.
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  • 2010-04-15
    OPTIMIX (Tianjin) market information – Tianjin
    Hong Kong Hanson furniture chain plans to open hundreds of stores in major cities, its Tianjin branch selected Optimix as its boutique’s floor surface decoration. The owner of the branch was wholly satisfied after the completion of the natural effect of the Optimix colour self-leveling mortar. Product used: •  OPTIMIX SF838#003 Interior colour self-leveling screed
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  • 2010-03-11
    OPTIMIX (Guangzhou) Market Information - Guangzhou
    Guangzhou Arran Council (Beauty center Foot care chain) invested in the construction of a high standard, large-scale international beauty foot health club, located in the bustling Wuyang Metro, Guangzhou City. The first phase was an area of 2,000 m² for which OPTIMIX was chosen. Construction was completed in December 2009. •  OPTIMIX SF838#075 interior decoration coloured self-leveling screed
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  • 2010-03-11
    OPTIMIX (Guangzhou) Market Information - National
    MO & Co. DE PARIS fine line of high end fashion boutiques, with plans to locate hundreds of stores in the major cities, has already opened stores in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Changsha, Chengdu, Shenyang and another 14 cities. 18 stores have been opened as at 2010, starting in June 2009, for which they all selected OPTIMIX as the boutiques’ floor surface decoration material. The owners of the boutiques, after the completion of the natural effect, were wholly satisfied, OPTIMIX proving to be the perfect choice. Products used: •  OTPIMIX SF838#WE701 interior colour self-leveling screed
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