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  • 2020-10-29
    Project Overview: OPTIMIX Full System for KHOS Qingyuan
    A new brand curated by Rosewood Hotel Group, KHOS has premiered in Southern China this year. Situated in a prestigious mineral hot spring site, KHOS Qingyuan has adopted a Japanese décor concept, exhibiting “nature, scenery, architecture” the harmonious trio in the resort. The hot spring facilities in the hotel with extensive use of water have raised the bar of waterproofing and efflorescence resistance requirements, and OPTIMIX’s efflorescence resistant adhesives and grout have proven their fortified performance in such case.   KHOS Qingyuan has applied the full system of OPTIMIX products, including BP138 Base Plaster (Waterproof), WP515 Waterproofing Slurry (General), TA328S Tile Adhesive (Flexible) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance and TG410ES Tile Adhesive (High Performance) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance. Each product performs their own strengths, covering every need of plastering, waterproofing, tiling and grouting, from top to bottom. Product quality is certified by multiple tests and is truly your confident choice of building material.   For more details or job references, talk to our specialists today!
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  • 2020-10-09
    OPTIMIX Awarded Eco Partner in BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019
    BOCHK Corporate Environmental Leadership Awards 2019 Prize Presentation and 2020 Launching Ceremony hosted by FHKI was successfully held on 5 October. Optimix has once again been awarded “Eco-Partner” certification for 3 consecutive years.   Optimix has always devoted in proposing and implementing new improvement plans on being environmentally friendly. In the process of handling raw materials and production, we hope to maximize each material’s use in every way. Plants in production process would produce some amount of dry mortar by-products, and with our past practice these by-products eventually might end up being industrial waste. In order to handle these by-products more effectively, we are now collaborating with national accredited contractors to recycle and further process them, giving these by-products a second life by turning them into materials like mechanical sand. Other than reducing industrial waste, we can also recycle and reuse these materials, ultimately reaching a win-win sustainable solution.   We stand by our rule to develop sustainably and one of our goals is to minimize the environment impact of our activities. We will also continue to search for innovative solutions, creating shared values for our customers and society.
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  • 2020-09-25
    Together We Built – Hong Kong Penny's Bay Quarantine Centre with MiC
    The Hong Kong quarantine camps (Phase 1) situated in Penny's Bay has officially commenced service, thanks to the top efficiency brought by Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) technology paired with crew team’s close cooperation and the massive performance power of modern building materials. The entire project consumed only 4 months, from scratch to finish. Optimix has always borne the idea of sustainable development in our minds and business, we stress the importance of executing corporate social responsibility to answer to our society’s needs. In this imminent and challenging project, we swiftly provided the assembling team our TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible) and TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance). These products can all at once comply with HKBD’s MiC standards, HKEPD’s VOC regulations and HK Waterworks Regulation Schedule 2. Through this exceptional MiC project, we believe in other than focusing on product R&D and sales, but also the essentiality to run a business that suits the economy, the society and the ethics to our environment!
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  • 2020-09-04
    Understanding When and Why Repairs are Necessary (II)
    In critical times in need of concrete repair, Optimix can provide you convenient and effective solutions for various structural environment. See how with our illustrated demo:   Our Repair Mortar series RM725 and RM740 Repair Mortar fully comply with HKHA Class 25 & Class 40 repair mortar systems, and RM780 Repair Mortar (Rapid Setting) is specially formulated for emergency reinstatement of damaged or deteriorated concrete that can be used internally and externally. The fast setting and high strength abilities are best suitable for airport runways, railroads, aprons, and heavy traffic locations where downtime is critical. It is designed to use for horizontal applications and for vertical applications with the use of formwork. In general, OPTIMIX RM780 can normally be applied up to 50mm or up to 250mm with addition of graded aggregate. RM780 Rapid-Setting Concrete Repair System   Our RM700, RM725 and RM780 models are suitable for Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) & Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) projects, which are crucial technologies to the modern world where time is critical and efficiency is highly demanded. RM725 Concrete Repair System    RM700 Window Repair System
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  • 2020-08-19
    Understanding When and Why Repairs are Necessary (I)
    Concrete structures play a key role in our cityscape, making our cities’ resplendent skylines well-lived in global citizens’ vivid memory. Living in a concrete jungle with buildings surrounding us everywhere, it is naturally easy to forget that just like any architecture façade, the inner concrete layer also needs regular maintenance as different sources from daily life could strike an impact on the concrete.   Concrete deterioration could take place when there is, for example, chemical corrosion, structural damage, permeation of water, shrinkage and an array of many other reasons.   What makes concrete deteriorate? - Corrosion of embedded metals (i.e. chloride ions, carbonation, dissimilar metal corrosion) - Freeze-thaw deterioration (i.e. deicer scaling, aggregate expansion) - Chemical attack (i.e. acids, salts and alkalis, sulfate attack) - Alkali-aggregate reactivity (i.e. alkali-silica reactivity, alkali-carbonate reactivity) - Abrasion / Erosion (i.e. traffic surfaces, hydraulic structures) - Fire / Heat - Restraint to volume changes (i.e. plastic shrinkage cracking, drying shrinkage cracking, thermal cracking) - Underlying factors (i.e. Design flaw, construction defect, improper maintenance)   Why do we need concrete repair?   - Replace defective concrete - Restore structural intactness - Restore aesthetic appearance - Restore physical appearance - Restore concrete durability Worry not, Optimix is here to help. We offer a full range of repair mortar products for concrete repair and protection.  Our products have been used on various residential, transport infrastructure and public repairing projects in Hong Kong and China.  In next issue, we will have an illustrated guide to show you how our repair system could fix various site situations, stay tuned!   Projects with RM Series Used:   Wynn Hotel, Macau    Sha Tin Water Treatment Facilities, Hong Kong   Alexandra House, Hong Kong
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