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  • 2022-11-24
    OPTIMIX Stepping Up For Green Dry Mortar Production
    To accomplish our mission of being the international top-notch environmental-friendly dry mortar manufacturer, OPTIMIX has set foot in Zhuhai, a pivotal city in Greater Bay Area, by building a smart factory. Modern, low-carbon, data-driven are our visions for this new plant, producing green dry mortar with minimized carbon emission for our clients nationwide, and reflecting the OPTIMIX ever-upward spirit. Early as the designing stage, OPTIMIX's new plant in Zhuhai has already had the concepts of green building and intelligent production in mind. Coping with China's "Carbon Emission Peak" at 2030 and "Carbon Neutrality" at 2060 policies, our plant is equipped with various energy-saving, water-saving, CO2-reducing and life-enhancing elements. Therefore, our new plant has already attained Silver certification by LEED-NC at construction stage, affirming OPTIMIX's practice of green production, greatly supporting us to realize the upcoming carbon-reducing projects. OPTIMIX's emphasis on environment can also be imaged on the roof of our plant. The entire roof has solar photovoltaic system mounted and it can help reduce the carbon footprint of products with the "Carbon Neutral Trio" model, which means smart energy saving, development of renewable energy, and energy storage altogether. Paired with a 600KW distributed photovoltaic power system, in addition to assisting production with renewable energy, the system can also feed the remaining renewable energy into the public power grid, or directly integrate all the generated electric energy into the grid to help our country implement the emission reduction strategy and respond to global energy conservation and emission reduction issues with comprehensive actions. In future development, Optimix will continue to walk with our country, focus on sustainable development and work together to promote the goal of carbon neutrality.
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  • 2022-11-03
    OPTIMIX's CEO Calvin Chan Named GBA Outstanding Young Entrepreneur
    When the youth thrives, the nation thrives; when the youth rises, the nation rises. Building Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a critical development strategy in the modern era of our nation’s reform and open-up. In the meantime the Greater Bay Area attracted many invigorative young entrepreneurs, devoting their youth and wisdom to the GBA’s technology development and social advancement, becoming a shining nova. The 3rd Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs Award by the Bay Area Entrepreneurs Union received over 1000 applications, and 102 elites took home the honorable recognition. We are all witnessing the ascension of the new-gen young entrepreneurs, giving their power to push forward the GBA development, and an inspiration for the prospective youth pursuing a future in GBA. Since joining OPTIMIX in 2006, Mr. Calvin Chan never changed his heart – "Developing greener dry mortar for the market demands and evolution, and providing more thoughtful services to clients". Tightly following the construction industry’s trend for rigorous requirement of eco-friendliness, Calvin led his teams researching and developing various low-carbon materials, bringing different international certifications to the products, and leading OPTIMIX to become the first “Hong Kong Top Brand” in dry mortar, flourishing the manufacturing business. OPTIMIX will keep this in our spirit and march on in perseverance, we shall take on an active role in corporate social responsibility, giving back to our clients and social stakeholders with excellent services for their trust and respect.
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  • 2022-09-30
    Summer's New Splash - The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong
    The much anticipated The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong near the WaterWorld has finally opened its doors this summer, bringing a whole new resort-level relaxation hotspot for the lively Hong Kong. Much more than just a typical luxury hotel, the coastal Fullerton with 425 guest rooms is branded with sustainable development since its construction, and it is the first hotel in Hong Kong and Mainland China receiving precertification under WELL Building Standard v2. A milestone achievement, the award recognizes the project’s sustainable intent to implement health and wellbeing strategies. The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong has also received BEAM Plus provisional Gold rating, recognized by the Hong Kong Green Building Council. The very essential cementitious building materials are proudly supplied by OPTIMIX, our signature BP126 Base Plaster and Procrete emulsion help build a strong substrate to receive consequent construction layers of various kinds. Situated near the iconic theme park in Hong Kong, The Fullerton offers different special-themed guest rooms to give guests a fully immersive theme-park experience. The rooms utilize different palettes of colors and interior decorations and OPTIMIX’s TA328, which certified under the CIC Green Product Certification Platinum rating, can securely fix valuable tiles on wall substrates while staying environmental-friendly, and our top of the class TG410E Tile Grout with over 20 colors and coarseness choices boosts immense design flexibility and let your design imagination fly. OPTIMIX is always excited to land our advanced products in new green projects, building a healthier and sustainable future for the city. Talk to our specialists for your upcoming environmental-aware projects!
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  • 2022-09-06
    OPTIMIX x CISVP Construction Industry Shoreline Clean-up Day
    On a temperate and lovely day last weekend, OPTIMIX Volunteer Team once again wholeheartedly supports CIC by participating in Construction Industry Shoreline Clean-up Day in Wu Kai Sha Beach. Other than simply cleaning up the beach, it was a great opportunity for the OPTIMIX team to give back to the society by helping with the environment, to bond outside working days in a healthy and meaningful event and to learn about the importance of environment protection, marine conservation and green lifestyle. OPTIMIX is honored to live the “excel in work, relish to give” spirit. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this Coastal Cleaning Day and we look forward to the next CISVP event.
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  • 2022-08-24
    [Exclusive Interview By HKET] OPTIMIX Targets GBA Market, New Talents and In-House Green Products
    We are grateful that OPTIMIX has won the Hong Kong Top Brand 2021 earlier and our CEO Calvin Chan was interviewed by Hong Kong Economic Times. He shares that he sets eyes on the Greater Bay Area market in the future, supported by the crossover between the OPTIMIX and BoomPlast brands, and a new Smart Factory in Jinwan, Zhuhai, playing a supplementary and pivotal role in the development blueprint of OPTIMIX's future, seizing the opportunity offered by our country’s uprise. Calvin also believes in supporting the career of our youth, providing more opportunities for the young generation to discover talents for the local construction industry thus bringing about a more sustainable industry environment. In addition, in response to the major strategies of "Carbon Peak" and "Carbon Neutrality" advocated by the country's "14th Five-Year Plan", OPTIMIX will continue to devote itself to the R&D of environmentally friendly products, keep up with the fashion of green buildings, and create business opportunities for green development and contributions to the environment. Read the full interview here (Chinese only): https://paper.hket.com/article/3326428?r=cpstna
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