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The Legacy Continues – Hong Kong Fan Garden Junior Police Officers Married Quarters

The Junior Police Officers Married Quarters (JPO Quarters) at Fan Garden was once the Hong Kong Police Cadet School - Fan Gardens Camp, established since 1973, training 30 terms of police cadets with numerous graduates joining the Hong Kong Police Force.

Fan Gardens Camp was later repurposed to be Police Driving and Traffic Training Centre and two buildings of 5-storey police officers married quarters, providing 99 units of apartments. With the shortage of Disciplined Services quarters, Fan Garden Police Officers Married Quarters was included in the redevelopment plan in 2017 to shorten the waiting time for part of the Disciplined Services.

The JPO Quarters today consists of 5 blocks, totaling 1184 units. Some of the residents are the graduates of the Fan Gardens Camp back then, now reliving the legacy of the place.

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