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A Future with Low Carbon Emission - Tencent Qianhai Towers

The Tencent Qianhai Towers are situated in the heart of Qianhai Innovative Business Centre, being the third operation base in Shenzhen development and the first project of Shenzhen-Hong Kong collaboration in Qianhai. The towers are currently in the final deco phase.


Designed by KPF Associates, Tencent Qianhai Towers are comprised of two office buildings in the artistic concept of "crystals", creating crisscross lines and multi-facets, hence a stylish look with a sense of high technology.


Early since 2008, Shenzhen has raised the idea of "green metropolis", and Tencent is on board. From the sustainable design of Tencent Seafront Towers recognized by LEED NC gold standard, it embodies Tencent's emphasis on care in humanities and the well-being of their employees.


The Tencent Qianhai Towers are therefore no exception in endeavor to reach the LEED gold standard. Other than intelligence-building with BIM technology, environmental-friendly materials are also important to the architectural space users. For the green materials, OPTIMIX TA312 Tile Adhesive (General Purpose) & OPTIMIX TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible) are selected to be used in the interiors of T1 & T2 office towers. OPTIMIX TA312 & TA313 are certified by the China Environmental Labeling in ultra-low VOC content.


OPTIMIX TA312 & TA313 are both complied with industry standard EN12004 C1T & C1TE grades respectively, with outstanding ability to satisfy different types of tiles application.


Tencent is encouraging their global business to build a low-carbon future, and OPTIMIX's manufacturing plant in Dongguan, China is accredited by ISO14001 Environmental Management System. Our products comply with Tencent's promise on low-carbon from production, logistics and application site. Let us look forward to the opening of Tencent Qianhai Towers, becoming an iconic architecture in Shenzhen.