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Project Overview: A New Look of the Revitalized Central Market

Once the background of the works shot by the renowned photographer Fan Ho, the Central Market of Hong Kong has witnessed the stream of Hong Kong history and changes since the 1850s. With the unique, unmistakable Bauhaus window walls and "Streamline Moderne" architectural style, the building grew with us and became a precious collective memory of people in Hong Kong.


Walking the footsteps of a new era, the Grade 3 historic building was due to be revitalized, in order to save the landmark in same original site, and so that our new generations will be able to learn the past of this precious urban space and utilize it wisely. Renovation works began in 2017, the long-awaited makeover is recently complete, transforming the site into a "Playground for All" – providing retail, F&B, plus an enormous open space for our community. This will be no doubt a relaxing leisure spot amidst the hectic city for all ages.


The OPTIMIX SF828 Self-Levelling Screed (Overlayment) supplied to this project cover most of the hall area, walkway and even staircases. It is truly the new favorite for large venues and stadiums, it encapsulates the strengths of being smooth & even, tough & durable, short application time, non-toxic & hazard-free. The aesthetics are subtle yet captivatingly stylish, the monolithic floor remains quiet among vehicles and footfall, leaving a natural, harmonious, comfortable and anti-slip experience for the visitors.


OPTIMIX Self-Levelling series is fully ready for your selection from top to bottom layers, according to your required usage, colors, and level of strength etc. Feel free to contact our team for product selections:


SF818 Self-Levelling (Underlayment)

SF828 Self-Levelling Screed (Overlayment)

SF838 Self-Levelling Screed (Colour)

SF868 Self-Levelling Screed (Exterior)

SF878 Self-Levelling Screed (Heavy Duty)