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Driving Next-Gen – BMW iSpace Electric Vehicle Flagship Store

Did you know how a collaboration of eco-friendly dry mortar and BMW, the benchmark of new energy vehicle, could look like?

BMW in recent years has been endeavoring in pushing sustainable development forward, shifting its focus from fuel to electric vehicles and introducing the brand new BMW i Series, expanding a deeper electrifying strategy.

In June, BMW i opened the first flagship store in Asia located in Hopewell Center, Hong Kong, with the theme of electric vehicles and promotes "zero emission" pure electric technology and a new environmentally friendly retail experience to the public.

The design of the flagship store also brings out the brand's highest requirements for the concept of sustainable development and environmentally friendly travels. In addition to displaying the BMW i series pure electric vehicles, the entire showroom is also designed to implement the concept of sustainable environmental protection, including staff uniforms, LED energy-saving lighting systems, sofas and furniture made of environmentally friendly materials, floor tiles and building materials, etc. have certain environmental requirements.

OPTIMIX as an environmental protection forerunner in dry mortar industry, we supplied this project with all green building materials. The BMW i iconic aqua blue mosaic that embellishes the store is carried out by OPTIMIX TA313 Tile Adhesive (Semi-Flexible), providing C1TE grade performance under EN12004 standard, and conforming to the strict standard of VOC content.

OPTIMIX TA313’s VOC emission in environmental impact is extremely low, it satisfies the HKEPD’s requirement D10-02 in regards of air pollution control in tile adhesives, it is friendly to the environment and protects the users’ health safety. OPTIMIX’s ISO14001 certified manufacturing plant in Dongguan ensures the products from production, logistics to application site comply with BMW’s goal of climate neutrality and zero emission.