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The Five-Star Transformation - Grand Gateway 66, Shanghai

The Grand Gateway 66 in Shanghai has first opened for business in 1999, being the first commercial project set foot in Mainland China by the Hong Kong developer Hang Lung Group. Located in the bustling Xujiahui District, the plaza bearing Eurasian architectural style has instantly become an iconic landmark, sharing the thriving business with other malls in the area.

With the rapid development of mainland commercial properties, in order to raise their competitiveness Grand Gateway 66 in 2017 has undergone an optimization project, renovating and transforming the plaza inside out. Since some of the shops would continue to operate during the construction period and to avoid affecting the shops and nearby residents, most of the construction can only be carried out from night to early morning, which was extremely difficult and challenging. OPTIMIX's Shanghai Team worked with the developer and design team and proposed a rapid-set tiling solution that suited this optimization project best, coping with time constraint while maintaining durability. Restoring the premium five-star luxury of Grand Gateway 66, the benchmark of architectural design of Xujiahui business district is newly reimagined.

The floor and stone tiling in the renovation has largely adopted OPTIMIX DB390 Semi-Dry Bedding Mortar (Rapid Setting) & DB391 Adhesive Slurry (Rapid Setting), which are conveniently applicable in large areas. There were multiple outdoor site changes in this renovation project, including transforming the main entrance grand staircase into an open-space plaza and the Eurasian-style bazaar "Lan Kwai Fong". The performance of OPTIMIX DB390 & DB391 are more effective in reserving movement space for floor tiles and stones, thereby reducing bursting, serial loosening and spalling.