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Hong Kong Green Organization Certification | Optimix Receives Recognition and Accreditation in Green Management

After implementing a series of effective environmental measures, we are pleased to announce that Optimix has received the Hong Kong Green Organization Certification and has been awarded Energywi$e Certificate and Wastewi$e Certificate. This recognition not only acknowledges our commitment to environmental protection, but also represents a promise to continue contributing to the cause.


The Hong Kong Green Organization Certification is a credible certification program jointly organized by the Environmental Campaign Committee, the Environmental Protection Department, and nine organizations to encourage companies to implement green management. Through the assessment of the evaluation committee, companies must demonstrate outstanding performance in energy conservation and waste reduction, and sign the Energy Saving Charter and 4T Charter Schemes launched by the Hong Kong government, and be awarded the title of "Hong Kong Green Organization".


This honor represents Optimix's active involvement and good performance in environmental work. From energy conservation and emission reduction to resource recycling, Optimix constantly enhances its environmental awareness and capabilities.


These measures not only help reduce environmental impact and promote sustainable development for the next generation of Hong Kong, but also reduce operating costs, improve corporate competitiveness, and enhance corporate image.


It is believed that the implementation of the Green Organization Certification is a major step forward in Hong Kong's environmental work and an important path to achieving sustainable development. This certification program inspires us to focus on environmental undertakings and promote green economy.


In the future, we will also have an opportunity to exchange and cooperate with other certified companies to promote the development of environmental undertakings.