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Project Overview: MTRC Tuen Ma Line

The Tuen Ma Line of Hong Kong MTR network has officially commenced service last month, providing a new and convenient travel option for New Territories East, West and Kowloon East residents, connecting the city of Hong Kong and cohering the everyday lives of our citizens.


The Tuen Ma Line - running approximately 56 km and serving 27 stations, is the longest railway line in Hong Kong connecting Tuen Mun to Wu Kai Sha. Extending and connecting services of all directions, this big milestone brings social and economic benefits. From now on, the congestions in the surrounding stations and road are expected to be alleviated in the nearby area.


In this headlining infrastructure project, OPTIMIX contributed our bestselling products inside out in the new-build or renovated stations involved, from grouts fixing equipment bases to adhesive and tile grouts fixing the tiles in stations:


Grouting – NS612 Non-Shrink Grout

Plastering – BP126 Base Plaster

Skimcoat – SC216 Skimcoat (Fine), SC228 Skimcoat

Tiling – TA328 Tile Adhesive (Flexible), TG410E Tile Grout (High Performance)

Repairing – RM740 Repair Mortar (HKHA Class 40)

Emulsion – Procrete


The above are all OPTIMIX's high quality, versatile, industry-recognized dry mortar products, applied in government and infrastructure projects that have rigorous standards for quality to ensure being a steady part in our daily lives. In the housing and transportation aspects of our basic necessities, OPTIMIX is undoubtedly premium, reliable, your trusted partner.