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OPTIMIX TA328S Tile Adhesive (Flexible) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance

OPTIMIX TA328S TILE ADHESIVE (FLEXIBLE) WITH ENHANCED EFFLORESCENCE RESISTANCE is a high quality polymer modified cementitious adhesive with special additives which inhibits the movement of free lime and thus reduces the risk of efflorescence. Available in grey or white colours it is designed for high strength fixing of interior and exterior ceramic tiles. OPTIMIX TA328 exceeds the requirements of EN12004 Class C2TE S1.

OPTIMIX TA328S is an easy to mix and apply normal setting adhesive with a good pot life and open time. This allow for simple positioning and adjustment of all kinds of floor and wall tile installations. It has a high polymer content designed to achieve high bond performance and provide additional flexibility. This makes it ideal for larger and heavier tiles and installations subject to some loading or impacts.

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