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【Breaking News】Optimix Zhuhai Production Base Becomes the First Standardized Dry Mortar Testing Lab in Zhuhai

With the dynamic growth of the dry mortar industry, the demand for comprehensive in-house testing is becoming increasingly intricate. This year, the Dry Mortar Branch of the China Building Materials Federation, along with an esteemed judging panel, initiated a rigorous evaluation for standardized dry mortar testing labs. Amidst over a hundred industry laboratories assessed, we're thrilled to announce that Optimix Zhuhai production plant has emerged as an honored recipient and remarkably, the solitary achiever from Zhuhai!


The primary objective of this assessment is to elevate the in-house testing standard and to foster a more regulated industry environment. By rigorously scrutinizing laboratory personnel, equipment, and company management, the evaluation strives to standardize and reinforce in-house testing capabilities and administration. This, in turn, not only amplifies market competitiveness but also bolsters transparent company oversight.


At Optimix, we are unyielding in our quest to pioneer novel dimensions in dry mortar technology, steadfastly pursuing sustainable development. Our commitment rests in crafting environmentally conscious mortar that remains aligned with the spirit of the times, thereby contributing extensively to a high-quality developmental landscape.


Stay tuned for more transformative updates as we embark on this journey toward a more sustainable and innovative future!