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Project Overview: OPTIMIX Full System for KHOS Qingyuan

A new brand curated by Rosewood Hotel Group, KHOS has premiered in Southern China this year. Situated in a prestigious mineral hot spring site, KHOS Qingyuan has adopted a Japanese décor concept, exhibiting “nature, scenery, architecture” the harmonious trio in the resort. The hot spring facilities in the hotel with extensive use of water have raised the bar of waterproofing and efflorescence resistance requirements, and OPTIMIX’s efflorescence resistant adhesives and grout have proven their fortified performance in such case.


KHOS Qingyuan has applied the full system of OPTIMIX products, including BP138 Base Plaster (Waterproof), WP515 Waterproofing Slurry (General), TA328S Tile Adhesive (Flexible) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance and TG410ES Tile Adhesive (High Performance) with Enhanced Efflorescence Resistance. Each product performs their own strengths, covering every need of plastering, waterproofing, tiling and grouting, from top to bottom. Product quality is certified by multiple tests and is truly your confident choice of building material.


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