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Understanding When and Why Repairs are Necessary (I)

Concrete structures play a key role in our cityscape, making our cities’ resplendent skylines well-lived in global citizens’ vivid memory. Living in a concrete jungle with buildings surrounding us everywhere, it is naturally easy to forget that just like any architecture façade, the inner concrete layer also needs regular maintenance as different sources from daily life could strike an impact on the concrete.


Concrete deterioration could take place when there is, for example, chemical corrosion, structural damage, permeation of water, shrinkage and an array of many other reasons.


What makes concrete deteriorate?

  • - Corrosion of embedded metals (i.e. chloride ions, carbonation, dissimilar metal corrosion)
  • - Freeze-thaw deterioration (i.e. deicer scaling, aggregate expansion)
  • - Chemical attack (i.e. acids, salts and alkalis, sulfate attack)
  • - Alkali-aggregate reactivity (i.e. alkali-silica reactivity, alkali-carbonate reactivity)
  • - Abrasion / Erosion (i.e. traffic surfaces, hydraulic structures)
  • - Fire / Heat
  • - Restraint to volume changes (i.e. plastic shrinkage cracking, drying shrinkage cracking, thermal cracking)
  • - Underlying factors (i.e. Design flaw, construction defect, improper maintenance)


Why do we need concrete repair?


  • - Replace defective concrete
  • - Restore structural intactness
  • - Restore aesthetic appearance
  • - Restore physical appearance
  • - Restore concrete durability

Worry not, Optimix is here to help. We offer a full range of repair mortar products for concrete repair and protection.  Our products have been used on various residential, transport infrastructure and public repairing projects in Hong Kong and China.  In next issue, we will have an illustrated guide to show you how our repair system could fix various site situations, stay tuned!


Projects with RM Series Used:


Wynn Hotel, Macau


 Sha Tin Water Treatment Facilities, Hong Kong


Alexandra House, Hong Kong